EZdrummer 2 Crack & Torrent with Keygen for Windows (32 bit & 64 bit) and Mac (2024)

EZdrummer 2 Crack and Torrent are essential pieces of software for Windows (32 bit & 64 bit) and for Mac that a songwriter or music composer needs if they want to get ahead in the industry! Furthermore, as the name suggests, it makes all your drumming activities very easy and effortless. To make everything clearer to you, we will be discussing the details and features of EZdrummer 2 in this article and proceed to give you the explanations of the Crack, before finishing off with a paragraph on how to download this on your device for free! Stick around to get the best deals on EZdrummer 2!

What is the EZdrummer 2 Crack?

One of the best drumming studios must have a costly tag on it! Yes, that’s right, as EZdrummer 2 costs near about $180! In addition, this can be a complication and draw you back from creating exquisite music.

That is why the EZdrummer 2 Crack with Keygen was developed! This phenomenal production is just a replica version of the original software with all the aspects and features of the main tool intact, but, the cost has been removed. It basically re-programs the original tool in such a way that the user doesn’t need to buy the software to have full access to its elements!

Usually, a keygen is required to activate the tool and that is what costs the money. In the folder of EZdrummer 2 Crack, also included in a Torrent, exist a Keygen, which will help generate multiple keys in the format of the actual password needed to activate the software!

How to Download the Torrent of EZdrummer 2 Cracked with Keygen?

This question resonates with the entire article and is probably the most important part! Therefore, if you choose to download the EZdrummer 2 Crack and Torrent for Windows or Mac, you should head down to the end of this page!

There, you will find a download links! Hit the link and the download will start as a ZIP file. Furthermore, extract the file and dive deep into the world of EZdrummer 2 from our fast, secure and reliable website! We are here to make your music the best ever heard!


Toontrack designed and developed this single supreme software in order to make drum production a joyride! It takes drum emulation and production to whole another level and removes any difficulties a person might have while composing their favourite tunes and integrating the sound of drums into it! With a stunningly beautiful, yet simplistic interface, EZdrummer is one of the best there is in the market and that is severely reflected from all the user reviews which point towards EZdrummer 2 being an exceptional tool!

The software applies a deep-functionality technology as seen from the intuitive interface. However, the way Toontrack does it is unbelievable. In addition, the graphical user interface has all the elements of a Cracked VST embedded onto itself and makes it very comfortable for users to find and navigate their way around the EZdrummer 2!

What are some of the great features of EZdrummer 2?

The Cracked Version of EZdrummer 2 is made up with 2 setups for songwriting, namely the Modern and Vintage setups! Each setup has 5 different kits and percussion. Both the Modern and Vintage setups have varieties of drums to play from. Furthermore, the Modern setup library a consists of drums with selections from DW, Gretsch, Yamaha, Ludwig, Sonor, Tama and Brady.

The Vintage setup is made with 2 classical versions of the Ludwig drums and is said to be pre-recorded in the extremely popular and rare REDD.51 console!

You can notice multiple percussion effects ranging from selections of cowbell, snaps, claps, maracas and tambourines! These add texture and sophistication to your sounds and overall, make it something that everyone would like to listen to all day long!

As an added bonus, there are tons of pristine presets to add more effects and specialty to your sounds. You will also have access to a large library of these and have a choice to add anything that suits your taste.

That is all to say about this software.

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